Individual Cover Letters

“Use a high impact Cover Letter to show employers what you have to offer”

Tailored Cover Letter

A well tailored Cover Letter is essential if you want to be invited to interview. Our Consultants write professional Cover Letters which reflect the job and person specifications. The end result is a letter that effectively explains how you meet the employer’s requirements.

Generic Cover Letter

A generic Cover Letter is needed when you wish to apply for multiple different positions and want a letter that is suitable to use for all of those roles.

Our Consultants will research the roles you are interested in and craft a Cover Letter which portrays you as a strong contender for each position.

Application Follow-up Letter

An application follow-up letter should be sent to an employer if you have applied for a job and haven’t heard back after 2 weeks.

The purpose of the letter is to remind the employer that you are still interested in the position whilst reiterating how you are suitable for the role. Our Consultants are experts in using appropriate language and tone so you come across as proactive and keen rather than pushy.

Interview Follow-up Letter

An interview follow-up letter is sent to an employer if you interviewed over 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

This letter is different to the application follow-up letter as it should build upon the conversation you had with the interviewer(s).  Our Consultants will write a letter which effectively sells your strengths and reminds the employer why you are a suitable candidate for the job.

Resignation Letter

At some point in your working career you are likely to resign from your current employer.  A well written resignation letter will help you maintain a good relationship with your employer by leaving them with a strong and positive final impression of you.

The 5 Letter Pack includes:

  • 1 Tailored Cover Letter for a specific job
  • 1 Generic Cover Letter which can be used for multiple jobs
  • 1 Application Follow-up Letter
  • 1 Interview Follow-up Letter
  • 1 Resignation Letter


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